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MEYVN helps London startups to validate, prioritise, design and build their product.


Whether our startup clients are an aspiring entrepreneur or working on a new project for a company - at MEYVN we are all about new ventures, where we will build the right minimal viable product with you, so you can test it with your live audience sooner.


MEYVN is a startup technology advisor, where the team aims to accelerate ideas to the market sooner by developing and launching your minimal viable product first, and then adjusting the product depending on live user generated feedback.


At MEYVN we believe in agile - launch early, generate user feedback sooner and adjust the product rapidly. This is why we encourage our startups to get to the market sooner with a functioning minimal viable product as live user feedback is the most valuable data for a new venture. Using this data we design extra functionality and prioritise subsequent development backlogs - iterate again and get closer to a high fidelity product.

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