АО НИСКО Индастри

АО НИСКО Индастри

ZAO NISCO Industry is a member of Ravago Group.

Ravago is, in the true sense of the word, a family company. During its 51 years of existence the family has grown from a local Belgian team to an international group of over 4500 employees across the globe working together in the same spirit of partnership.

Nevertheless Ravago endeavors to maintain the same corporate values: professional expertise combined with personal modesty. Just like the tree’s branches extending out of the Ravago logo’s framework, the loyal group of family members continues to grow outside of its original habitat.

Being one of the historic cornerstones the Ravago Finished Products business has grown from a local Belgian activity in the sixties to a pan-European division dedicated to distributing and developing specialized construction products and systems across European, Turkish and CIS markets. The geographical footprint and extended sales force combined with strong technical support allows us to serve hundreds of suppliers in distributing their products. In several countries Ravago Finished Products has its own outlets and dealers network serving thousands of customers. The portfolio includes products for thermal and sound insulation, waterproofing, dry construction, construction chemicals, geosynthetics, façade systems, ETICS, films and bags. Ravago Finished Products also has a number of manufacturing sites in Belgium, Turkey, Greece and Russia producing specialized building applications and systems.

In various European countries Ravago benefits from strategic partnerships with solid companies that have a longstanding expertise in the building & construction industry. Our strategy is one of diversification and complementarity, as Ravago obtains market knowledge in a number of different industries. With an expertise that ranges from developing innovative insulation systems to investing in larger photovoltaic parks, our finished products division has a continuous focus on energy efficiency in order to provide sustainable solutions for the entire industry.

The Ravago Finished Products division is committed to growth in line with the raw material activities. We focus on expanding our manufacturing assets ambitiously across the regions with a long-term view on the market of finished goods.

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